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With our low moisture process we clean, sanitise and deodorise your carpet and it will be ready to walk on in minutes.

First stage is to extract the carpet with a very strong vacuum that not only sucks it vibrates as well, so we get much more out on debris, dustmites and most other nasty things. In front of the vacuum is a triple strength UVC light to neutralise the dustmites and sanitise your carpet.

The second stage is we work an environmentally friendly and natural solution in your carpet with a rotary machine in and the dirt out in the same time.
Your carpet will be dry and ready to walk on in minutes not hours and the stains will not come back the next day.


With this service we get rid of dustmites, micro maggots and all other nasty things in your mattress.

We clean and sanitise everything that belongs in your bed except your pet. It is important because we lose one bathtub full of skincells every year and the dustmites feed on it. There are about 2 million dustmites living in a queensize mattress, if you do nothing about it the weight of a mattress doubles in 10 years just from dead dustmites.

Everyone cleans their car once a month or more often and we are only in the car a few hours a day, but no one thinks about cleaning the bed and we spend one third of our life in bed.


The first stage is to extract debris, dust mites and most other nasty things with a very strong vacuum that not only sucks it vibrates as well, so we get much more out of it. In front of the vacuum is a triple strength UVC light to neutralise the dust mites and sanitise your furniture.

The second stage is where we work an environmentally friendly and natural solution with a rotary machine in and the dirt out at the same time. Your furniture will be dry and ready to use in minutes, not hours, and the stains will not come back the next day. We also clean and treat for leather couches.


First step : we free them from dust Second step : if necessary brush the stains until there are gone. Third step : let it dry and you have refreshed and clean curtains


We use only natural solutions without any harmful chemicals. These are high performance solvents for removing a wide variety of spots,

If we do not have a solution to get rid of a stain there is no solution.


We use a professional odour neutraliser which destroy a wide range of micro-organisms, viruses, odour causing bacteria and mould. It works as a disinfectant as well. For mould we do remediation, cleaning and prevention It is odour neutral and is not harmful like some other harsh chemicals to use indoors.


I would highly recommend the services of Gaby and Otti. My husband and I were impressed how there cleaning and sanitising service managed to bring our 7 year old couch back to a near new state. The mattress clean has also significantly reduced our hayfever and allergies.

We also bought a sofa bed recently from a garage sale. After a few months the couch looked more green than gold and it seemed it may have been exposed to moisture at its last home and was developing a mould problem. Gaby and Otti were able to solve the problem with their sanitising service and we have not had any further issues with the sofa bed.

We have been most impressed with the results.

C. Parsons - Brisbane Qld

Gaby and Otti cleaned the carpets in the property we just purchased. We were amazed at how dirty they were even though you couldn't see it. They also sanitised our mattresses and pillows. I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose. Amazing!

S.Z. and K.Z. - Gold Coast Qld

Usually I don't send out emails like this, but I was so impressed with their service and what a thorough job they do. They were happy to get more clients so I suggested I'll do this email, so if you or a friend is interested then pass it on. I was very happy with my previous carpet cleaner who I used around every 4 months, but after seeing the way Gaby and her husband clean them one can't compare. The machine they use gets all the dirt from deep below (not just near the surface like others), remove stains and refreshes the carpet.

Was quite shocked to see what the machine gets out of the carpets / mattresses. Think their fee is reasonable seeing one does it around every 6 or 12 months.

L. Robinson

Our furnished rental was in a filthy condition when we moved in. My husband was having sneezing fits as his allergies were all fired up, and I wouldn't let my baby play on the carpets or sit on the couches until we got them cleaned. Gaby & Otti of Health Protect International cleaned all of the carpets, curtains and furniture, and I was truly amazed by the difference afterwards. The carpet is brighter and softer. Stains that I thought would never come up are completely gone, and that dusty, musty smell is, too. My husband's symptoms cleared up straight away, and my baby is now happily crawling from room to room. Gaby & Otti were very friendly and professional. I am very please with the outstanding service they provided.

L. Clayton - Benowa

Mr Rental Tweed has used the services of Gabriele and Otti for many years now and have been happy with the quality of work they produce. They have always done an outstanding job and our products are always Cleaner, fresher and look good after they have cleaned them.

They are reliable and always keep to the scheduled visits that make-which is great when we require a quick turn around on our products-helps us to fulfil our scheduled delivery of products which is extremely important in our business. They have always conducted themselves in a professional yet friendly manner and are truly a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

Lauren Rozario Branch Performance
Manager Mr Rental Tweed


We have used Gabriele and her husband to clean our chairs and carpets several times. We have been delighted with the service & price we received. They lifted stains and carpet cleaned for us in a way that other cleaners can't.
I highly recommend her.

C. Neve - Gold Coast Qld

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